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organworks in Canberra, St. Peter’s-Lutheran Church

done by Gerhard Walcker-Mayer

Cleaning of all pipes of dust and dirt, in particular on the languides of the pipes.
Washing the small metal pipes in a soap solution. All the other pipes are blown out with air pressure.

Dry cleaning of the wooden pipes . Screw up the caps, sucking out,
and blowing out with air pressure device outside. This measure is also carried out with the windchest, here on cleaning the toeboards.

Blowing out and sucking out the bottom board, floating plated and the bungs of the pallet. and floor drillings. Cleaning of the loops and leather parts. Cleaning of Grooves, borings and pallet slots.
Replacement of the leather glands by lead-glands (pull down glands)

Regulating of the valves in the wind chest. Examination of the skin valves. Fitting pipes on chest.

Cleaning of the blower and wind arrangement as well as all wind supplies. Seal of different leaking places. Engine noise absorb with sound material. To oils of the engine

Fitting of the windpressure (in connection with voicing).

Cleaning of all remaining organ parts like rackboards, prospectgrid, case parts and prospectus, mechanical equipment and the organ inside.

Fitting of the problem, that there where different windnoises

Reparation on the pipe work (Sesquialter, Prospektpfeifen)b) all pipes from Sesquialter, Gemshorn, Principal, which had different defects from tuning where repairedalle pipes in the pedal which had dammaged from the tuning rings where new rounded.Schwimmer regulators change the blanket (Schwimmer regulators)Swimmer regulator of pedal was fixed with new material

Manual key adjusting The both manual keyboards adjusted and regulated.

Complete tracker adjust with new felt on every partAll mechanical actions where fitted with new felt New slider sealesI changed about 80 new puffers, the rest was totally ok.Front pipes polishThe front pipes where new repolished

Main work after this technical part of the reparation was the complete new voicing of the organ, which had unusual strong problems in the bass. Therefore we had saving of the cost in other positions like the “new slider seales”, we could do the voicing without additional costs. All stops where voiced and worked out in loudness and sound inside the stop and harmony of the stops together.

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