Schneller in Amman Nov.2023

Organs to the Middle East

Dear organ friends,
Over the past twelve years, we have frequently travelled to the Middle East to install or maintain organs there. Countries such as Lebanon, Jordan or Egypt are not necessarily known for their Western organ culture, but it has given us great pleasure to make these people happy with our organs.
The completion of the organ building in Amman, Jordan, shortly before the outbreak of the current Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas, was particularly important to us. The enthusiasm we experienced there was extraordinary. Two months ago, we organ builders were honoured with the "Golden Dove" from the Schneller Association near Stuttgart at the first consecration. The second consecration is scheduled for April in Amman in the Christ the King Church, where German organists will play the instrument.
The new Schneller magazine in English contains a detailed description of the organ and the background that led to its relocation from Germany to Jordan. The magazine can be downloaded here as a PDF [468 KB] .